We have been working hard on developing our itinerary for the trip.  We will be starting our journey on April 18th from the US/Mexican border.  If all goes according to plan, we will be in Manning Park, Canada on September 26th.  This is all subject to change depending on trail reroutes, snow levels in the Sierras, blisters, bear/mountain lion/serial killer attack, etc., but should be pretty close.

Arrival Date Town Miles to Next Town Section
04/18/13 Campo 43 Southern Cal
04/21/13 Mt Laguna 67 Southern Cal
04/26/13 Warner Springs 70 Southern Cal
05/01/13 Idylwild 96 Southern Cal
05/08/13 Big Bear City 90 Southern Cal
05/14/13 Wrightwood 89 Southern Cal
05/20/13 Aqua Dulce 111 Southern Cal
05/26/13 Tehachapi 136 Southern Cal
06/03/13 Kennedy Meadows 87 Central Cal
06/10/13 Independence 117 Central Cal
06/19/13 Mammoth Lakes 36 Central Cal
06/22/13 Tuolumne Meadows 152 Central Cal
07/02/13 South Lake Tahoe 103 Central Cal
07/10/13 Sierra City 138 Northern Cal
07/17/13 Chester 88 Northern Cal
07/23/13 Burney Falls State Park 83 Northern Cal
07/28/13 Mt. Shasta 101 Northern Cal
08/02/13 Etna 55 Northern Cal
08/06/13 Seiad Valley 65 Northern Cal
08/09/13 Ashland 102 Oregon
08/15/13 Crater Lake, Mazama Village 83 Oregon
08/19/13 Crescent, Shelter Cove Resort 89 Oregon
08/23/13 Sisters 106 Oregon
08/28/13 Timberline Lodge 48 Oregon
08/30/13 Cascade Locks 148 Washington
09/07/13 White Pass 99 Washington
09/12/13 Snoqualmie Pass 74 Washington
09/16/13 Skykomish 104 Washington
09/21/13 Stehekin 80 Washington
09/26/13 Manning Park   Washington
Total 2660  

0 thoughts on “Itinerary

  1. We are excited to watch your progress. I hope all goes well on your trip

  2. You two seem well prepared with an itinerary like that! You forgot to mention the potential bigfoot delays in Oregon and Washington. If you’re mailing food be aware of post office hours and holiday’s. You don’t want to be stuck waiting for supplies.

    1. We intentionally left off Bigfoot so we wouldn’t scare anybody! Good point on the post offices. We are going to be mailing a lot of food, but plan to avoid any post offices that are closed on Saturdays. We also hope to use local businesses that will hold packages as much as possible.

      1. If you are in your tent and hear something lurking around outside there is an easy solution instead of unzipping the tent and looking out, which could potentially scare or aggravate the person or animal. From the comfort and warmth of your sleeping bag simply say in a stern voice: “PLEASE STEP AWAY FROM THE TENT”. This tried and true response will work every time!!

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