We both had our last days of work recently. Since then, we have moved out of our apartment, put most of our belongings in storage and headed down to Janel’s parents house to begin our new career. A career in PCT prepping. We have been putting in long hours with no pay but have 650,000 calories accounted for!!






0 thoughts on “Our New Full-Time Jobs

  1. Looks great! Doesn’t exactly make me hungry, but I admit, I do like to see things so well organized. And I love your shirts!

  2. Wow! Congratulation’s and Good Luck to you both. This will be a trip to remember forever. I wish I had your since of adventure. I guess we will all have to live vicariously through you two! Have a Great Time and be careful, we love you both. Aunt Nancy

  3. Amazing!!! We can not believe the organizing and thought that has gone into this trip. It makes me tired just watching them getting everything ready to go. We have loved having them here and helping them with their journey . We have the job of making sure their packages are sent and are received on time. Sure hope we have no screw ups.

    1. We have loved being here. You have cooked us meals, done out laundry, and spoiled us : ) Considering Dad loves the post office, I am sure the packages will be taken care of!

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