Packing resupply boxes took a long time.  A really long time!  We left our Postmaster (Janel’s Dad) in charge of the boxes. It’s a good feeling having that part of the prep work done.


After we finally tied up all loose ends, we left from Janel’s parents house in Kentucky.  Then we began our four-day road trip out west.



Our first stop was Hot Springs, Arkansas.  No matter where we go, we still see signs of Ohio.  That night, we ate at Ohio Club where Al Capone supposedly frequented.  Good thing Alan didn’t look over his shoulder.


The next morning, we visited Hot Springs National Park, putting another national park under our belts.  We started the day by touring the historic Fordyce bathhouse.  


Water is the main attraction at Hot Springs.  Some people believe that the traces of minerals give the water therapeutic properties.  We tested this theory by taking a soak at the Quapaw bathhouse and filling our water bottles from the spring filling station.  I can’t say we noticed any difference, but it was interesting!


Pretty much the rest of the day was spent driving through Oklahoma.  Oklahoma turned out to be a more scenic drive than we thought, not nearly as flat as we had guessed.


The next day we finished up Oklahoma and drove through the panhandle of Texas.  To make the trip more interesting, we began checking out some of the iconic sites of old Route 66.  Based on the recommendation of a friend (that’s you Bruce!) we stopped at Cadillac Ranch.  Cadillac Ranch consists of ten half-buried Cadillacs, where graffiti is encouraged.


Route 66 – The Mother Road


By the afternoon we had made it to New Mexico.  Our Route 66 attraction here was the “Blue Hole”.  The Blue Hole is an 80 ft deep spring that is a constant 64 degrees.  We didn’t jump in, but we did see other people diving in.  There were a few scuba diving groups ready to jump in too.


We finally made it to our new home state (for the next month), but we had a few stops to make before we settled in.


We knocked off our eighteenth national park at Petrified Forest National Park.  We spent a few hours touring the Painted Desert and hiking around the petrified logs.


Pretty soon, we found ourselves standin’ on the corner in Winslow, Arizona.  It was such a fine sight to see.


Finally after 1,993 miles, we pulled into our new home.  We will spend the next month in Sedona, Arizona hiking around and developing our trail legs!


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  1. We miss you guys but not the mess you made of our house putting those boxes together.HaHa Looking forward to our visit with you in Sedona before you begin your trip of a lifetime. Keep those posts coming many people enjoy reading of your adventures.

      1. Make that 7. I shared your blog with my folks. 🙂 And I agree, love your posts.

  2. Wow…the time has gone by so quickly leading up to your trip to Sedona! I loved your pictures, reminded me of the last trip I took coming back to Ohio. Keep the posts coming, they are very enjoyable to read.

  3. Thanks, you guys, how exciting! The pics and stories are great. Make that 8 counting me and I do know that some of the yoga girls are following also. Janel, we miss you in class and at Dosa Corner! 🙂 Hope you get some great Indian food in Sedona. I hear it’s quite a foodie town, especially for raw chocolate? Keep the stories coming. Much love, Joanie

    1. I miss class and Dosa Corner. We did find an Indian Buffet yesterday that was good. Speaking of raw chocolate, a yoga teacher let us sample some raw chocolate he made after class the other day. It was good!

  4. There are more than just 3 readers out here……we are from Oregon and have a hiking site @ We have followed many hikers on the PCT even though we only day hike- currently. Last year we also followed and supported hikers on the AT and CDT. This year it is the same. We look forward to following your adventure and maybe when you reach the Ashland – Lake of the Woods – Crater Lake area of Southern Oregon we can meet up with you or help you in some way. Enjoy every moment of this adventure – it doesn’t happen too often (if more than once) in a lifetime.

    1. Hi Glenn and Carol. I just wanted to let you in on the blogosphere trail crossings. I met Janel and Alan in Glacier National Park when they recognized me at the end of my CDT hike and they are photographed in my journal on day 132. Fun to see your comment here on their page when I dropped in to check in on them!

  5. Thanks for the awesome wigwam postcard! We’re counting down the days to see you guys!

  6. Alan and Janel, I just had to check in on you two. You are livin’ the dream and I’m so happy for you! You start the day after I start the AT. I’ll be thinking of you! Best of luck on the trail!

    1. Hey Wired!!!!Your name always comes up when we are out hiking!! We have been checking in on your blog too! We will try to follow while we are on trail. Good luck to you as well!

  7. Hello from a fellow 2014 PCT thru-hiker. It looks like you are using regular boxes for your resupply instead of priority flat rate boxes. Is this the less expensive way to go? Are you sure the boxes will get there in time?

    1. They are priority flat rate boxes, except for the one brown box that is going to shelter cove. They only accept UPS. You could save $ with regional rate boxes if you send them from somewhat close to the trail. Ours are sent from KY so there was not much difference in shipping. Hope that helps. See you soon!

  8. Hope you guys are having/had? fun in Arizona!! Loved seeing the pics and miss you already! 🙂 Still checking on flights in June…yay!!

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