Mile 0 – 20

The trail magic began before we even arrived to the trail. Our wonderful trail angel, Bob Reiss, picked us up. We were then taken to a delicious burrito dinner at Scout and Frodo’s house. After a solid 2 hours of sleep, Bob gently woke us up at 4:30 am. 5 of us piled in to his van and headed to the southern terminus.
We were on the trail at 6:30 am and somehow had 10 miles in by 11am. At mile 15 we decided we felt good enough to make the last 5 miles to Lake Morena.
While in line waiting to pay for our campsite, we had some more unexpected trail magic! An awesome family of 5 invited us to share their site. Thank you much Cameron, Rabeka, Alexander, Sebastian, and Gwendolyn!!! You guys made us feel like part of your family! To top off that magic, another trail angel named Sherpa, was serving spaghetti dinners. Thanks Sherpa!
Bedtime was at 10. We stayed up so late because Rabeckah and Cameron made a great fire and it was great company!!






0 thoughts on “Day 1: A day of Trail Magic

  1. So glad things are lovely for you and blessed! Glad you’re surrounded by ‘angels.’ I’m not surprised! Bet you guys are sleeping well. Thanks for writing so soon. Glad to hear from you. Much love, Joanie

  2. It sounds like you will be making as many new friends as miles you will be traveling! So glad to hear all is going well. Love and Blessings to you both!

  3. Hey you did great job to show all the PCT in your blog. Thank you very much for that!
    This year we (I and my girlfriend) are planning to thru-hike and as well post on the WordPress blog. As we are from Latvia (small country in Europe) we have no idea how does it works in USA. Please can you tell me how you managed to post every day, do you use your mobile phone and internet (if there is any problems in mountains with mobile coverage)?
    It would be really helpful if you can share some information with me.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Congratulations on your upcoming hike! Savor every single moment.
      While it looks like we posted everyday, we actually kept daily notes and would save posts until we were able to get service. When we got in to town we would get wifi( at a hotel or coffee shop)and usually post everything. We used an iPhone 5 with Verizon as our carrier. There were times we would randomly have 3/4G while hiking. Halfmile has a cell phone report :
      I am not sure how all of this works with a foreign phone. Hope that helps.

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