After a previous long day we decided to sleep in. We did not leave Lake Morena until 9 AM. We said goodbye to our new friends and took some good advice from trail angel, Sherpa. Our first stop was Boulder Oaks Campground where we ate some lunch and visited with some other hikers. Once we were on the trail again, we actually felt a couple sprinkles of rain. It was the first rain we had felt in the last month. But I would not call it rain, it was about 10 sprinkles. Either way it was a welcome feeling along with the light breeze and occasional cloud. At 5 PM we made it to Cibbets Flat campground where we camped for the night. We had tuna mac & cheese for dinner along with chocolate decadence pie and we were in bed by 9 PM.









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  1. Sounds yummy! And your tent looks very cozy. Glad you’re having a good time. Love, Joanie

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