We had a 2000 foot climb up Mount Laguna today, so we got up pretty early at 5:30 AM. Once we got up Mount Laguna the whole ecosystem had changed. There were Oak trees, pine trees, lots of spotted shady areas and different meadow areas. It no longer felt desert like. We got into Mount Laguna at noon and picked up our resupply boxes at the general store. Our cell phones are finally working so we took that chance to give our parents a call to let them know how we were doing. From there, we took a very very long lunch at Pinehouse Café. We ate with some of our new friends that we have made while hiking. We lucked out and were able to get a place at Mount Laguna Lodge. After long showers, doing our laundry, and organizing our food resupply we are about ready to go to sleep. In a bed!!!








0 thoughts on “Day 3 Mile 32.6-42.6

  1. I’m do happy you got a bed and what a lovely-looking restaurant. Wow…….Love, Joanie

  2. Wow…look at all these blog posts I need to catch up on. How sweet of your folks to include an Easter treat! 🙂

  3. I am so happy that things are going so well for you and Alan. What an experience! I am glad that there are so many wonderful people who will shepherd you both during your journey. What could be better than a shower, a bed, clean laundry….and jellybeans (they make the world complete)!! I miss you my friend. Love reading your blog and I especially love the pictures-breathtaking-but it is probably nowhere close to actually being there. I wish your pictures came with sound and smell. How fabulous would that be? Glad you are getting rest and renewal before you head out again. Sweet dreams.

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