We left our cabin at 7:30AM. We went through a burn area today. You would think a burn area would be lifeless, but it is just the opposite. The ground is carpeted in the most beautiful wild flowers of every color.
During our mid-day break, we had burritos that we had dehydrated months before. They were so good, we even had dehydrated cheese and Taco Bell salsa packets!
It was pretty sunny, Janel decided it was time for the chrome dome umbrella. Janel was amazed by this piece of gear. It has potential to be a new favorite! Having shade is priceless!
11 miles into the day Janel’s knee was aching. After hiking another mile, she realized it was a more intense ache while going down hill. Luckily, Amy and Seth ( fellow PCT hikers) were ahead of us. Amy saved the day with an ace wrap! Thanks Amy! Alan also saved the day too. He carried most of the weight in Janel’s backpack to lighten her load! Thanks Alan! What a husband!!! Janel took some ibuprofen and hiked on. It feels like a slight sprain. We hiked on to get to a water source and more ideal campsite in case we would have to rest the knee for the next day.
We made it to camp. Our water came from a horse trough! Luckily, Bison ( another kind hiker ) helped us figure out how to operate it. We set up camp had some dinner and were in bed by 8:30! Even with a knee ache, today has been our favorite hiking day.









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  1. I’m sitting here at RMH having my lunch break. I can’t stop laughing over the “horse trough water”!

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