After an extremely windy night, we packed up camp and attempted to hitch back to Mt. Laguna to rest Janel’s knee. After 20 minutes, the first truck we stuck our thumb out to stopped to pick us up. Doug was kind enough to give us a ride as was he was passing through to Laguna.
Once we arrived to Mt. Laguna Store, we met Girly Girl who shared her KT tape and knowledge of knee issues. Thanks Girly Girl! We hung out on the porch of the store for a bit until we were able to get a room.
We met some other hikers with medical issues. Our neighbor here has been dealing with flu-like symptoms, but he happens to be a physical therapist. He is taking a look at my knee tomorrow! It’s not swollen and I can put weight on it. It’s just achy and tight feeling. I would rather rest it now, since I want to be in this for the long haul. With ice, ibuprofen, and rest I am feeling very hopeful.





0 thoughts on “Day 5: Zero day

  1. Wow, that must have been some kind of incident to have led to a ban on throwing snowballs. Hope the knee feels better soon!!

  2. Janelly I hope your knee heals soon! Sending good thoughts your way. I hope the flu stays as far away from you and Alan as possible. It is awful but according to the news is on it’s second round in some parts of the U.S.. UGH!!!!!!! Love the pictures and the updates. Hope you are back on the trail soon.

    1. I am back!!! We are at mile 110 right now! It was patellar tendonitis, I have tape, aleve, and ibuprofen!!! It’s a winning combo right now!!!! Miss you

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