Cold and foggy morning, that quickly changed. It warmed up with nice blue skies!! Walked through some amazing meadows. We finally saw eagle rock! It’s strange finally seeing it in person. I have always admired pics of other people there! Now we are here! We are so thankful! Got to Warner Springs Community Center. It is so nice here. We met up with some fellow hikers we had not seen in a few days! It was good to see familiar faces and swap trail stories. At the Community Center, they provide lunch, showers and internet for a small fee. We also washed some laundry in a bucket, we are getting good at this! Alan cooked up chicken and dumplings for dinner. He made trail angel cake ( angel food cake with strawberries and hot fudge sauce ). It was tasty! We will pick up our resupply box in the morning and head out.








0 thoughts on “Day 10: mile 101.1-109.5

  1. Wow…loved the pics….you’ve had some amazing adventures already….that windy night would have scared me! Love, Aunt Linda

  2. Glad to see you both are back on the trail and that Janel’s knee is holding up. Always great to see Eagle Rock on the PCT. Congrats on the first 100 miles…..keep enjoying the hike!! Added your blog to our blog viewing list and told our readers to check out your site and follow along as you hike the PCT.

  3. So happy to hear Janel’s knee is feeling better! Missed you guys at Glass City Marathon yesterday!

  4. Janel, you are the cutest PCT hiker on the trail girl! keep up the good work! By the way, I think we are equally obsessed with being clean 🙂
    – T-Fox

    1. Awww thanks!!! It’s hard to feel cute when you are dirty and smelly! Just arrived in Idyllwild and my first thought is a bath and shower!!! Hope to catch you guys sometime : )

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