We enjoyed a pancake breakfast at the community center at Warner Springs. It was great. They do a wonderful job at the community center accommodating the hikers. We were thankful for their services. Alan took a ride to the post office to pick up our resupply packages. Alan’s sister Michelle, her husband Steve, and their kids, Sam and Libby sent us a package of items we requested and they also tossed in some extras. Sam and Libby we love the letters and pictures you made for us. Michelle and Steve are avid runners, so they were quick at sending me KT tape! Thank you guys for that miracle tape. There were homemade chocolate cookies in the box that we finished off by our 3rd mile of the day!
After sorting through our resupply boxes, we packed up. We ran into Brian, the physical therapist who helped me with my knee. He taught me how to tape up my knee again! His knee has been sore so I gladly donated some of my tape to his knee!
We hiked on through a lovely meadow and rested by a peaceful creek in preparation for a 1700 foot climb. It was a pretty hot climb. Once we reached the water source we cooked a tortellini pesto. Revived with new energy, we decided to hike on to make tomorrow easier. This was our first experience night hiking. It was a lot cooler temp wise. Janel’s imagination in the dark kept her looking over her shoulder. But it was good to beat the heat. We came across Brian ( Doc ) and Eric ( snake charmer ). They shared their site with us. We left the fly off of tent so we could enjoy the stars. It was awesome! We saw our first shooting star ever!!!








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