We woke up in a boulder field we had not seen due to arriving under the cover of darkness. It was a great camp site. After an awesome breakfast of peach almond grits and coffee we hit the trail. We filled up water at Trail Angel Mike’s. There were a lot of hikers there. I ran in to Girly Girl, the hiker who saved me with her KT tape. The first half of the day was uphill and the second half was downhill. It was a warm afternoon. Janel attempted to use the umbrella, but a gust of wind broke it. We will attempt to fix it once we are in town. We hiked to a water source and cooked dinner. We rested a bit in order to beat the heat of the day. Once we resumed hiking, we went a couple of miles to Nance Canyon. We are enjoying the stars again tonight. We are also familiar with this site. We camped in this same spot last February when we were contemplating the PCT. What a difference a year makes!









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  1. Wow, you Guys, a shooting star? Hope you made a wish! Glad you survived that wind the other night and glad you made it to Idlywild. Hope you get some rest! Sleeping under the stars sounds dreamy! I was surprised someone could send homemade cookies. I thought homemade would go bad by the time they got to you…hmmmmm
    Love you and thanks for the updates. Joanie

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