We woke up earlier than normal today. Knowing we would eat at Paradise Cafe and stay in a hotel is highly motivating! The cooler morning sun was great to hike in. The winds were picking up by the afternoon. We made it to Paradise Cafe by noon. I ( Janel ) had a wonderful meal and a milkshake for my appetizer. Alan cleaned his plate as well. We had to hitchhike into Idyllwild. A nice man picked the four of us up and put us in the back of his truck. It was a sort of “hiker cage”. We went to the post office to get our bounce box. Our bounce box consists of some luxury items that we periodically ship ahead of ourselves. Alan has a minimal amount in the box, Janel overtook the box with lotions, clothing, and various girl items. We checked in to the Idyllwild Inn. They even do your laundry for free! We will feel so clean once we head back to the trail! We went to a pizza shop and dined with fellow hikers. We spent a lot of time laughing with Jay and Liz from Canada. Soon we headed back to the hotel for a good nights sleep and a fire in our fireplace! This hotel is great! Be sure to visit Idyllwild Inn if you are ever in this town! It’s great here.





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