We slept in a little today. It was kind of nice not having a schedule today. We walked only a short distance to breakfast this morning. After a hearty breakfast, we did some trail chores. We grocery shopped, organized our food, and bought some stronger tent stakes. Janel pampered herself with a visit to the hair salon. We heard about some awesome dollar tacos in town, so we headed to La Casita. We dined with 3 other hikers. The tacos were wonderful. Thank you Walkie- no- Talkie for unexpectedly picking up the tab! Because of the huge fire that occurred last year, a large section of the PCT is closed. We will resume the trail near mile 179 tomorrow.





0 thoughts on “Day 14: Zero Day ( no miles )

  1. Question….you have nicknames for your trail friends, do you have nicknames?

  2. Hey, Guys, how do you get to mile 179? Weren’t we all looking forward to a cute nickname for Janel? (Only not the dreaded one: Crea——) Love you, Joanie

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