We woke up at 4am to beat the heat. We hiked out with an awesome hiker named 3 D! She was a great addition to our day. We hiked 8 miles to
Whitewater Preserve. It was great morning hiking. We had a second breakfast there at 8:30 am. 3D had a chocolate explosion in her food bag and I had a orange pepper explosion in my food bag. Lesson learned; don’t leave a food bag sitting in desert sun!!
We napped, enjoyed flush toilets and water faucets. This was a great rest area with nice picnic tables and great shade provided by beautiful sycamore trees! We hiked an additional 8 miles that evening to mission creek. It was a great campsite with water. We fell asleep to the sound if frogs by the creek. It was a good day!







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  1. Thanks so much for your updates! Glad the desert didn’t melt you into goo!

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