We hit the trail with 3 D at 6:30 am. It was perfect weather for hiking. We stopped for lunch at 1:30 after climbing 4300 feet. We were feeling strong. While sitting for lunch we noticed something….was it rain??no. Was it snow? Hmmm… It was snow!! We heard a rumor that it would snow… We still had 8 miles to hike, so we packed up and headed on. There was a “cabin-like” shelter there. We figured it would be best to get there for shelter. Hop Scotch joined us. In a couple miles we were in white out conditions. *****Alan got a trail name at this point***** He is now known as The Optimist! It is perfectly suiting for him. He is always looking on the bright side of things! Even in a snowstorm ,Alan was happy his water was chilled to perfection, hence the trail name!! We made it to the “cabin” by dusk. The “cabin” was an old structure with open windows and doors. It was shelter though and roughly 20 people huddled close together. It did have an outhouse! We set up our tent inside to avoid blowing snow on our quilts. It was a brisk night, but we all stuck together!










0 thoughts on “Day 19 mile 226.3-246.4 The tale of two Days!!!

  1. I was just wondering when one of you would get a trail name! My brother the Optimist…I can see it. 🙂
    So excited to read all of your posts today! I was getting a little jealous of you till I saw the snow. Yuck! Love you both!

    1. It suits him well!!! The snow made us feel like we were in Ohio again!!!! I never imagined to see it so soon. Miss and live you all!!!

  2. What!!!! I can’t believe it snowed. Glad to see your knee is holding up!! XO

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