It was a chilly night. Alan’s thermometer read 30 degrees. We slept in a bit due to the chill in the air. We had chocolate cream of wheat for breakfast. Thank you Aunt Mary and Uncle John for buying that for us!!! We really appreciate it! We hiked a couple miles and had 2nd breakfast. We enjoyed coffee, cookies, and brownies. Thanks Mom’s!!! I got a small amount of internet service on my phone, so I shopped! I ordered a sleeping bag liner to help keep me warmer. I also ordered a new pair of camp shoes, a girl can’t have too many shoes ; ) . We had some good views of Big Bear Lake today. We also hiked through an old burn area. Our favorite part of the day was hiking near Holcomb Creek. It was a beautifully flowing creek surrounded by greenery and large boulders. We set up camp and had some tasty burritos for dinner. Off to bed early in attempt for an earlier morning.







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  1. You can take a girl away from the shoe store but you can’t take the need for shoes out of the girl! I was thinking of heading to dsw to keep them in business while you are gone! Libby and I loved the pictures of the creek, so beautiful. Although I did have to tell her she can’t have cookies and brownies for breakfast!

    1. A girl always needs the right shoes! Too bad for the cookies and brownies Libby! Just come to Aunt Janel’s and Uncle Alan’s when we get back and we will make Libby and Sam “breakfast”!

  2. I never thought I would hear that you were internet shopping while you were on this trip! Funny! We are glad we could supply the cream of wheats for you. Hope they warmed you up. Uncle John and I both have been to Big Bear. It was beautiful 40 some years ago. We are enjoying all your posts and pictures. Love to you both!

    1. I never thought I would shop on trail either! The cream of wheat was great and warmed us right up! I remember my mom saying she visited with you guys in Big Bear. It was very pretty there. Love you too!!!

  3. Every time you mention eating a second breakfast I envision two hairy Hobbits walking thru the woods.

  4. Can’t believe you are hiking such long distances in such low temps! Way too funny about your shopping! Too cute! Blessings and love the pics. J.

  5. Alan:
    Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday and offer a new trail name. I think it should be “Chrysalis”. It can represent you starting a new phase of your life but I think it reminds me of the aftermath of The Clarks concert many years ago and you on sleeping on the sofa.

  6. Ahh, we lost the link to your blog, but luckily we found it again just played catch up tonight! Glad you’re having a good time!

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