We started hiking at 7:30 am. We hiked passed the 300 mile marker! We took to appropriate photos and hiked on. We hiked deep creek canyon. It was a scenic hike with waterfalls down below. We made the obligatory stop at Deep Creek Hot Springs. Since it resembled a bath, I (janel) jumped right in! There were lots of sights to see at the Hot Springs….





0 thoughts on “Day 24 mile 294.6-315.4

  1. Kind of a shabby beard for 24 days sir! Has J-Rod picked up a trail name yet?

  2. Have you had any issues yet with wildfires in California or know of issues ahead on the trail currently??? Congrats on another 100 miles down. Keep on enjoying and taking in the adventure.

    1. We know of no issues, do you??? At our last stop we heard about San Diego fires. We may get to talk to a ranger tomorrow since we are camping at the ranger station. We have had poor cell service recently, so have not heard much on the outside. But word travels very fast on the trail!

    2. Just talked to the ranger. No fires around. There is moisture in the air coming off the ocean which will help for the next couple of days.

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