We started the day avoiding poodle dog bush. Poodle dog bush is a plant that grows in old burn areas. This plant can irritate your skin more than poison ivy! We avoided it with great caution. We came upon some morning trail magic!!! Bandaid and Bryon were cooking up breakfast burritos! They were great and tastier than our McDonalds experience the day before. Thank you guys so much!! The coffee and oj were great too!!! At 4 pm we came to inspiration point, this is where hwy 2 intersects the pct. We were looking for a hitch to Wrightwood. A nice local named,George, gave us a ride in to town. Thank you for the ride George!!! We picked up our resupply packages along with some extra birthday packages for Alan! Alan says thanks Mom for the presents, but we cannot light that b day candle until after we are out of the fire ban in CA! Thanks to Janel’s mom for the cake in a jar! We both got to enjoy cake and freeze dried ice cream!!!






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