We took the day off in Wrightwood. We met Hopscotch for a delicious breakfast! We grocery shopped for some additional items. I did our laundry in the hotel sink. It took a couple of hours to get all the dirt out of our clothes. We took some naps. We met some hikers in the park and played Brother Bingo. We did not win and I am not sure if we understood what we were playing. We topped the night off by eating at a Mexican Restaurant with Captain and Hopscotch. When we got back to the hotel, I cleaned out the waste basket and filled it with warm water and Epsom salts. We soaked our feet and lower legs for 20 minutes. It felt good. Never in normal life would I use a waste basket in such a way. It worked!It was a late night for us, I believe we went to bed at 10!



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