Happy Birthday Alan!!!! We got up and headed to the post office to drop some things off. The woman behind us in line, offered us a ride to the trailhead. Thank you Judy and family for the ride! For 3 hours we climbed Mt Baden-Powell. It was roughly a 3000 foot climb over 4 miles. We reached the top and it was pretty smokey/ smoggy. We could not see too much, but it was cool! We continued our hike through the pines. At some point, we missed a turn and ended up going about 1.5 miles down the wrong trail!!! We figured it out after our maps were not making sense. It was a sad feeling…we turned around and climbed 1000feet over 1.5 miles. By the time we made it back to the PCT it was late. We went right to bed, no dinner for us. We were ready for a new day! The Optimist says, On a positive note, the smokiness caused an awesome sunset : )






0 thoughts on “Day 29 mile 369.5-380.8

  1. What a thrill! 4 a m in Hilliard and I couldn’t sleep and lo more posts from the adventurerers! Fabulous posts and pictures——you have so many of us senior citizens living the dream along with you! Prayers and hugs………joan everett

  2. I just want you two to know you are my hero’s.What an experience!

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