We woke up this morning to a very dense fog all around.  Add that to the list of weather that we never expected to see in the desert.  Once we started hiking, we began climbing out of the valley and out of the fog.  It was a beautiful site to see the valleys filled with fog.  We even saw a fogbow (you guessed it: like a rainbow, but in fog).  The Anderson’s are another trail angel in this section, but we had decided that we would skip this stop and try to put in some more miles for the day.  Well, that plan was foiled when we got to the ranger station and saw Terrie Anderson loading up Doc and Half&Half’s pack into her van.  She made us an offer we couldn’t refuse: shade and taco salad.  When we got there, a lot of our friends that we hadn’t seen for a while were there.  We ate at a local restaurant, played frisbee, and drank a few beers.  It was a great afternoon.  Then came the taco salad.  Terrie makes the most awesome taco salad every night for hikers that come through.  Then, in the morning, Joe makes pancakes.  If anyone is planning on hiking the PCT, don’t miss a stop at the Anderson’s. Terrie also gives the best hugs, don’t miss those. These people are angels.






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