No, we did not hike 40 miles today.  But we did hike 20 miles.  On the road.  It kind of felt like 40 miles.  The section of trail leaving the Anderson’s is closed due to the Powerhouse fire from last year.  There are a few accepted detour routes around the closure; we decided to take the road detour.  This route is 20 miles long, but cuts off 40 PCT miles.  We started the road walk at 9AM and got to the small town of Lake Hughes by noon, just in time for lunch at the Rock Inn.  This was a cool restaurant and inn built in the 20’s.  We ate and hung out there until about 2.  The rest of the road walk was pretty grueling.  It was hot and everybody’s feet hurt.  We hiked with Doc, Thistle, Ouzel and made the best of it.  We did reach the 500 mile mark. We celebrated by playing The Proclaimers song : I’m gonna be( 500 miles). It was a good time!We got into Hikertown at 7PM.  Hikertown is an…um…interesting place.  There were lots of puppies there, so Janel was happy.








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  1. Does J-Rod have a cool trail name yet or should we start posting suggestions?

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