Today we hike the infamous Mojave desert section of the trail.  If you ask past years’ hikers what their least favorite section of trail is, this portion comes up a lot.  This part goes directly across the western arm of the Mojave desert, it is hot, dry, flat, hot, and completely exposed.  It’s also really hot.  Our goal was to get to a bridge with water and shade 17 miles from Hikertown as quickly as possible an wait out the heat.  We got up around 3:30 and were hiking by 4AM.  We walked along the open section of the LA aquaduct by moonlight.  We then turned north and hiked on top of the closed pipe of the aquaduct.  By 7AM it was already intensely hot, but we made it to the bridge  by 11:30.  We stayed under the bridge with about 30 other hikers who all had the same idea until about 7PM, when we left to finish the hike.  We night hiked through a wind farm and set up camp in the hills north of the desert.








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