Well, we aren’t out of the desert yet.  Even though we were in the hills, it was still crazy hot today.  We made a few very hot, difficult climbs and got to a water cache by 11:30.  While we were there, the two guys that supply the water cache showed up to refill the water and even had apples and a couple of cinnamon rolls.  Thanks Dan and Larry!  We left the water cache at 5PM, when the heat had subsided a little.  On our way out, we hiked by some wild horses that inhabit the area.  By 8:30, we set up camp at Oak Creek.




0 thoughts on “Day 39 mile 540.3 to 558.2

  1. How beautiful to be walking among the wild horses. I know I’m not posting comments but I am reading your posts and just so fascinated and enthrall we by your experiences! How are you two holding up mentally and emotionally?? Best wishes!! – Anya

    1. The sight of the wild horses was awe inspiring to me. I believe my post from day 41 will answer your question about the physical and mental hold up: ) Is there an Doterra oil for this? ; )

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