After my restful week off, I am so excited to get back to the trail. I have missed the hiking and especially Alan so much! We have been inseparable for the past months, so I cannot wait to be hiking with him again.
Thank you so much Kristen for letting me stay with you! Your place is always so comforting to me! I was craving comfort. You are a great friend and I loved spending time with you and your animals. Thanks for letting me wear your clothes, making me morning smoothies and all that great vegan food!!! No more Mc Donald’s for me : )
Once again, I am amazed by the kindness of others. Tomorrow I have a ride with Ken, a trail angel. He is taking me to Kennedy Meadows. I am so grateful. Thanks to everyone for all the support and encouragement.
XO, Janel







0 thoughts on “The Mountains are calling me

  1. Just what the doctor ordered. Good on you for such excellent self care. AND, aren’t girlfriends just the best? They are our angels when we need them. xo Happy Tutu

  2. Janel glad you enjoyed your much needed and deserved break. I am enjoying reading your post and I am so proud of you and Alan for taking on this adventure. You are both amazing kids. I am looking forward to more post. Take care and enjoy your journey. Mom Simmering

  3. So glad you two will be back together doing what you love. So happy you had a good R & R. We are so proud of what you are accomplishing. We love you both! Mom M

  4. So glad you had fun with the bunny and kitty. Wild that they co-habitate! Glad you took care of yourself. Can’t wait to hear how things continue to unfold. Good luck and much love, Joanie

  5. Glad to hear that your accomplished what you were needing. You two girls could be twins. I’m sure Alan will be glad to have you back on the trail with him. Take care, waiting to hear more, love to you both!

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