As you may have figured out, Janel does most of the blogging.  For the next week, I (Alan) will be doing the blogging, so bear with me.  Today, was my first day hiking the PCT by myself.  I have done some backpacking alone before so this wasn’t anything new to me, but this will be harder without Janel.  After getting some chores today, Janel and I met Doc for lunch and then Janel drove us to the trail.  Doc and I are starting at different points because we came into Tehachapi different ways.  I started from Highway 58, where the trail climbed 2000’+ right away.   Being full loaded with 7 days of food and 5 liters of water, my pack was the heaviest it has ever been at around 40-45 pounds.  After the long climb, I made dinner and setup camp by 8:30.







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