I wanted to try to put in a big day today, so I got up early and was on the trail by 6AM.  I got to a spring around 8AM, where I made breakfast and refilled with 5 more liters of water.  The afternoon was hot, and I was walking through a burn area where shade was impossible to find.  Towards evening, the trail climbed up into a thick pine forest.  It was a great feeling walking under the canopy of pines after the hot afternoon.  A little bit into the pines, I passed a small boulder and on the other side, I met my first bear on the trail.  We both looked at each other for a couple of seconds, and then he/she ran down the hill.  Although I could tell, this bear was an adult, it was a lot smaller than any bear I had seen before.  It kind of looked like ALF in color and size (if anybody remembers that show).  After that, I passed mile 600 and then made camp at a spring.






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