I had good intentions of getting an early start today, but I didn’t break camp until about 8AM.  Without Janel, it takes longer to do all of the camp chores, so I have a harder time getting on trail early.  After a few miles in the nice, cool pine forest, I entered another burn area.  It was really hot again and there was no shade to provide any relief.  After the burn, I descended back into the desert where it was even hotter.  The water in this section is extremely scarce.  I made it to the next water source at Willow Springs towards evening.  The next known water source after this is 44 miles away.  Yikes!  I loaded up with 8 liters of water (about 18 pounds), which was all the capacity I had.  I had hopes that there would be water in 30 miles at the Walker Pass Campground, but if not, I was prepared to hitch into Lake Isabella to get more.  After the spring, I hiked on until dark and set up camp.






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