The nights are getting colder up here. It makes it harder to emerge out from under our warm quilts. We had a scenic breakfast spot this morning. Our view was the bridge over the Kern River. It had it all, a bubbling stream, swallows tending to their nests under the bridge, and green grass. The morning sun warmed us right up. Luckily we ate a hearty breakfast, we had a 2500 foot climb ahead of us. We reached 10,500 feet! The elevation took a noticeable toll on us. Each movement took a bit more out of us. We had some good views of Mt. Whitney today. We also got in to some mosquitoes tonight. I (Janel) jumped in to the tent rather quickly tonight to avoid extra bites!





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  1. Beautiful! So what state are you in? Is the Kern River in Kern County., CA ? There is a ranch I visit there, south of Lake Isabella.

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