Because of the storm last night, we did not get in as many miles as we had hoped. Our plan was to get to Crabtree Meadows 5 miles further on so that we could climb Mt. Whitney this morning. From Crabtree Meadows, you can summit Mt. Whitney (the highest peak in the lower 48) in 7 miles. We woke up early and got in the extra 5 miles to Crabtree Meadows, but it was already after 9:30 when we started the climb up Whitney with our friend Captain. The white puffy clouds that had been forming all morning where already looking a little ominous. By the time we had hiked up to Guitar Lake at nearly 12,000 ft, the clouds had turned black and we knew we couldn’t continue to the summit. It wasn’t long after we got back onto the PCT that we heard the thunder and saw the rain and snow up on Whitney. It was disappointing to be so close and not summit, but we had made the right decision. We were rained on for the last few hours of our hike, so we ended up making camp early again.






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