We woke up today to a cold, wet campsite. Our bear canisters were frozen. We packed up as quick as we could and headed down the trail to warm up. Once we got onto the Bighorn Plateau, we were in full sunshine and surrounded by mountains. It was beautiful. After we forded Tyndell Creek, we headed up towards Forester Pass, the highest point on the PCT. It was a long climb, but the views from the top were amazing. On the other side of the pass, we entered Kings Canyon National Park. As we made our way down, we spent some time post holing in the snow. We got back down in the trees and found a great campsite along Bubbs Creek with Captain and Kokopelli.







0 thoughts on “Day 56 mile 770.3-786.0

  1. Holy, Cow! Snow seems surreal. But what a view. So glad you guys are in such gorgeous territory. Maybe a nice break after the desert? Love you, Joanie

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