We are in Mammoth Lakes enjoying a zero day! We finally have cell service. Cell service is pretty non-existent in the Sierras. The Sierras have been good to us. The scenery is so beautiful and wild. After we finish our town chores ( laundry, eating fresh food, grocery shopping, eating more food, and eating) we will catch you up on our past days!





0 thoughts on “Mammoth Lakes, CA : Mile 906ish

  1. As always the best part of my week when a post from you arrives! And yesterday so many and all with wonderful words and great pics! I am sooooooooo proud of you! Believe me when you are 80 you will look back and be so very glad you had endured heat, snow, bitter cold, mosquitoes, dirt, no fresh food, heavy backpacks etc.,etc. but an adventure together that not many set out to do. I understand the loneliness but a lot of life is that way you will find. So do what you can and know there are so many of us pulling for you and walking the trail “in spirit”. A belated Happy Birthday, take care and many hugs……………joan everett

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