We lingered in our tent a little longer than normal today. It was pretty cold out and we were letting Mather Pass warm up a little bit. I love extra tent time on cool mornings. We made it up Mather Pass easily! The way down was pretty rough. I developed a new pet peeve, man -made steps! Don’t get me wrong, I love how well the trail has been maintained, but these steps!!! Picture having to climb and descend a two foot rock step! These man made steps took over my mind for our 4600 foot descent. I cursed all man made steps! Ok, my rant is over. It was a long day and we slept well again that night.








0 thoughts on “Day 62 mile 813.8-831.7

  1. What you are calling steps are constructed to impede trail erosion from melting snows and rains.

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