The mosquitoes seem to be coming out. We crossed evolution creek. In high snow years this can be a difficult crossing. It was easy at this time. We decided to go to Blayney Hot Springs. There were about 3 hot spring pools in the middle of a meadow. Since it resembled a bath, I was in! It was a little mucky and had a lot of dead mosquitoes. But it felt good. We rinsed off by jumping in a cold pond and hiked about a mile to set up for the evening. I was feeling homesick this night. When I hike, I always am thinking of family and friends. I always wonder and dream about what each person is doing at that time. I wonder if we are walking around at the same time, chances are that we are! I just had been particularly nostalgic this day and watched the sunset with tears in my eyes…Alan talked me through it, just know we both miss you all. I wish you all were with us to see all what we have been seeing.





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  1. You guys have been posting some amazing pictures lately. Thanks for doing all the hard work so that us armchair hikers can sit back and appreciate the nice views!

  2. Now you made me cry…..We think about you both all the time and are so proud and amazed at the strength that you have shown in order to follow your dreams. We are so glad you got this opportunity to do this. We’ll have plenty of family time when you get back and plenty of celebrating to do!! Love you and miss you too! Love Mom and Dad

  3. If I were 20 years younger, I’d be with you! Love hearing about it. I’m always excited to see your posts. We miss you at rmh!

  4. We love your pictures! Mammoth has been my favorite part so far. Izzi loves to hear me read about your adventures. You two are awesome!! Love, Nathan, Mandy and Izzi

  5. Love traveling with you two. Your photos are amazing! Thanks for letting me hike the PCT with you. Hope you be able to pop you some trail magic in the Chinook Pass area of WA state! xo Happy Tutu.

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