Today was my Birthday! I woke up to Alan singing Happy Birthday to me.As a present, Alan carried my food for the day! It was great to have a lighter pack! It was a very thoughtful gift! My other gift was a climb up Selden Pass. It was 3000 foot of B- Day fun! It was a nice hike up and down. The real fun was crossing Bear Creek. It was a relatively easy crossing. But, the MOSQUITOES! We have never seen such attacking beasts! They were swarming us. We pretty much ran across the creek and put on our wind pants, jackets, and headnets to avoid more bites. Eventually they subsided. We ran in to Pinecone and Windsong who were camping. We decided to camp near them. They surprised me with a b day cookie topped with candles. They sang to me. It was a sweet surprise! Thank you Pinecone, Windsong, and Alan for a very unforgettable great birthday!






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  1. Awww…you are adorable. Even pulling off the headnet…pretty sure we’ll see those on the runway this fall. 🙂

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