It is time to head back to the trail. after eating breakfast and lunch in Mammoth, it was time to try to break free from town comforts. We took the bus back to Red’s Meadow. We ate a few ice cream sandwiches and hung out with the other hikers. We hiked just 4 miles out of Red’s Meadow to camp. since we are only carrying food for 2 days, we had some gourmet items to dine on that evening. We had truffle Mac and cheese, fresh blueberries and a huge slice of German chocolate cake. It all felt so exotic. The wind is picking up a bit, so that has helped keep mosquitoes away.






0 thoughts on “Day 69 mile 906.7-910.3

  1. I like the beard Alan, keep up the good work! JJ’s getting a little jealous.

  2. 2600 miles isn’t enough? Just a few extra steps on the treadmill!

  3. Met you yesterday (July 2) as you were coming onto Sonora Pass to head to Bridgport (we were a group of 4 girls and 1 guy) & I asked if you blogged. Great looking website – looking forward to following along on your journey now. Care if I share it on our store’s social media sites for Jaunt Adventure Gear? Best of luck as you continue your awesome trip!


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