Well, there were definitely no mosquitoes last night. The wind howled all night and then it started raining. The rain continued until about noon. We took the opportunity to sleep in since we didn’t get much sleep last night. Once it started clearing up, we heard Captain and Shutter walking by and knew it was time to get moving. We did a pretty big climb past Agnew Meadows and were rewarded with some fantastic views while the clouds hung over the other side of the valley. We camped on a ridge overlooking the valley. We hiked this part of the trail last year and ate lunch at this same spot.







0 thoughts on “Day 70 mile 910.3 to 919.9

  1. Wow — the sky is just amazing. How incredible it must be to have lunch at the same place your have hiked in the past… but this time, it’s 900 miles into a bigger journey?!! There is something very deep about that. Best wishes to you! If you need me to send something for bug bites, let me know! ; )
    — Anya

    1. It was a strange feeling to be back in that same place. That was where we decided to do the hike. Who knew a year later it would be happening…oh the bug bites!! I will need to dip my whole body in one of your potions ; )

    1. Not yet. Many people have suggested names, but I want a good story. I am holding out. I may end up with the name “Veto” because I shoot a lot of names down. Alan suggests ” SideTrack”. I tend to get sidetracked often out here. That one may stick…

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