Our next stop after Mammoth is Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park. We had originally planned to make it to TM in two equal mileage days, but because of the storm, we needed to make a big day today in order to get there. We climbed past Thousand Island Lake and made it to the top of Donahue Pass by early afternoon. Donahue pass is the boundary to Yosemite. We had heard from a southbound we that the TM store was own until 8pm so we flew through the last 9.5 miles in about three hours. We got to the store at 7:45 and grabbed some food for dinner. There is a campground behind the store, so we setup camp and hung around a campfire with some other thrus until the wee hours of the night (10pm).






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  1. What beautiful country you are seeing, and what great experiences you are having! Thank you for sharing–I am living vicariously! I can hardly wait til your next posts!!!

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