After the super late night, we got up and headed back down to the store. There is a little grill attached to the store where they sell breakfast and lunch. We ate there and then got our resupply packages. Janel also got some special items for her birthday. Thanks Mom’s for the birthday goodies! After surveying the amount of food for the nine day carry to South Lake Tahoe, we decided that we would send half of the food to Bridgeport. Bridgeport is a small town that is a long hitch from the highway crossing at Sonora pass, but it should be worth the trip. Not only would we only have to carry 4.5 days of food, but we can also send the 2.5 lb bear canisters home. The rest of the day was a very scenic hike along the Tuolumne River. Tuolumne Falls was amazing.








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