We got up early today in order to finish the climb up that we had started last night. The mosquito index was somewhere between tolerable to moderately annoying most of the day. Around lunch time, we found a spot along Falls Creek to take a break. For some reason, this area was mosquito free. We took advantage and went swimming and ate lunch. Storm clouds appeared for the second afternoon in a row, but we didn’t get any rain. In the afternoon, we climbed up Dorothy Lake pass. This pass marks the end of Yosemite National Park. A couple of miles later we passed mile 1000! We ended the day in the Hoover wilderness, a place that looks completely different from the Yosemite wilderness we had just come from.








0 thoughts on “Day 75 mile 984.2-1005.4

    1. It has been beautiful. The sierras know how to spoil you! We now only drink from waterfalls and take hour and a half swimming lunch breaks!

  1. Fantastic, that’s a significant milestone reached. And the scenery just looks to be getting better and better. Well done both of you.

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