We had 13 miles to get to Sonora pass where we would be able to hitch on highway 108 to Bridgeport. We woke up at 5 am to try to get to the road early enough to get to the post office before it closed. This section is much drier than the other parts of the Sierras we had been in. Just a couple of miles in, we reached our last water source for the day. We filled up 5 liters of water and began the 2200′ climb to the ridge leading to Sonora pass. The views were incredible and unlike any of the scenery we had seen up to this point. The hitch into Bridgeport is a notoriously difficult hitch because it is 30 miles away on two separate roads. We got lucky, though, and the second car that came by stopped. Lydia and Stephon (sorry if I spelled that wrong) were headed down to Lee Vining to do some off trail hiking. They picked us up and took us right to the post office. Thanks guys! We will be staying in Bridgeport tonight and headed back out to the trail tomorrow.









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