After a great breakfast at the Hays St. Cafe, we went down to the post office with our bear canisters.  For just the cost of postage, each of our packs became 2.5 lbs lighter.  We also picked the resupply package we sent to ourselves from Tuolumne Meadows.  Bridgeport was gearing up for their Fourth of July festivities and, lucky for us, the vendors were already set up when we walked back from the post office.  We found some awesome fry bread tacos and bought some jerky for the next part of the trip.  After procrastinating for the majority of the afternoon, we went to J’s on the Corner for a second lunch.  While we were there, we met Joan who had been camping in the area with her dog Buck.  She very graciously offered to drive us up to the trailhead, even though she wasn’t going that way.  The generosity of others continues to inspire us.  Thanks Joan!  After getting to the trailhead, we hiked enough miles to get into the next valley and set up camp in the forest.






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    1. The bear cans aren’t required north of Yosemite. There are still bears the rest of the way, but they are not as used to and as aggressive to people as the bears in high sierras. We will still take the proper precautions when storing our food at night, but we no longer have to put it in the bear can.

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