Since Sonora pass, the terrain has changed significantly.  The big ascents and descents have been replaced by smaller, more gradual ups and downs.  There are also a lot more of them.  We haven’t seen too much flat trail yet.  We are still in the mosquito zone, but there was enough of a breeze all day to keep them tolerable.  After we set up camp, our friends Byrd, That Guy, Salty Dog, Sideshow, and Shuffle all came by.  Ever since Idyllwild, they have always been a half day ahead of us.  it almost never fails that every time we come into town, they are getting ready to get back on the trail.  We got ahead of them this time because they went into Yosemite Valley after Tuolumne Meadows.  They are going to try to get to South Lake Tahoe in just two more days, so it looks like the trend will continue…






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