I left the PCT last week after Lake Tahoe. I was craving the feeling of “home” and wanted to get back for some special occasions ( my sister’s wedding showers & time with family and friends). It was hard leaving Alan, but he is such a strong hiker I don’t have to worry about him too much! We have gotten used to being side by side, so it is quite the transition for the two of us. Thankfully Verizon has had great coverage! When hiking as a couple, communication is key. A true through-hike is very important to Alan. Hiking sections is fine for myself. We constantly evaluate each other’s needs and how we can achieve individual goals while hiking as a couple.
I will be returning tho the PCT in Oregon. I look forward to seeing a new state. Most of all, I look forward to hiking with Alan!
Happy hiking, Janel (aka:SideTrack)





0 thoughts on “See you in Oregon

  1. Janel,
    I’m happy to hear that you are taking care of yourself. Be proud of your accomplishment. What an amazing experience!

  2. What is your game plan for Oregon? We live in Medford which is near the PCT areas of Ashland, Lake of the Woods and/or Crater Lake. Maybe there is some way we can be of help to you both.

    1. I plan on flying in to Medford and getting to Ashland. I just had not figured out the getting to Ashland part. Thank you for the offer of help, we may take you up on it. We are looking at the schedule today to see what day I need to get to Oregon. Do you mind giving me your email address?

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