Well, cowboy camping turned out to be a bad idea. There have been a lot of storms in the area over the last few days and there was a lot of moisture in the air last night. As soon as it got cool, all of that moisture settled on my sleeping bag and other gear. By morning, my bag was soaked. Luckily, it never got that cold. I also had an hourly visit from a deer that was way too friendly. Nothing I did would scare it off. By 4am, the wind picked up and I decided to cut my losses and just start hiking. I did not get much sleep. I made the entire descent by 9am and then made another startling revelation – the Belden Resort is right on trail. And the restaurant was open. So, once again, I had no choice but to go in and eat. I also got to charge my phone and call my family. By the time I headed back out, it was noon and already 100 degrees. The climb out of Belden starts in a three mile long burn area with zero shade. It was not pleasant. Later, I crossed into Lassen National Forest and crossed 1300 miles. There were thunderstorms around, so I ended up having to walk a little extra in order to avoid camping on an exposed ridge. I got to camp at 9pm. It was a long day.







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