Today was a milestone day. I passed the halfway point of the PCT. As I was standing by the monument, I was happy to have completed such huge portion of an extremely challenging trail, but I was a little sad that Janel wasn’t there to celebrate too. In my eyes, she walked the most challenging portions of the trail and achieved the same level of accomplishment I have. I celebrated by eating an entire box of Reese’s Pieces. Today was also the day I went into Chester. The highway leading into Chester is a 55 mph, two lane road, with very little shoulder. It took an hour to get a ride. Once in town, I went to the post office and then spent pretty much all day eating.








0 thoughts on “Day 95 mile 1323.9-1334.7

  1. Halfway! What an accomplishment! I love your pictures!! I await your next post!

  2. I admire your perseverance in the extreme heat. Congratulations on your accomplishment.
    A little advice on recovery from the heat..other than jumping in a lake…..replace your lost electrolytes
    It will accelerate your recovery. ex. gator comes in a powder form
    Good travels to you and look forward to the return of Janel

  3. I guess the phrase “It’s all downhill from here” isn’t exactly fitting on the PCT, but congratulations! That’s an awesome accomplishment!

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