Wow. 100 days on the trail. That seems like a long time. Maybe it is. After yesterday’s big day, I slept in until 7am. It was a pretty easy walk down to Burney Falls State Park where I had my next resupply. On the way down, though, I came across one of the most amazing caches so far on the trail. There were chairs, a picnic table, tons of cold drinks, a cupboard full of food, a stove and pots, and even an outdoor shower. I hadn’t had a shower since Chester, so I decided to use this one. It was fantastic. As the day went on, I started to run into a lot of hikers. I had been in between groups lately and it was nice to have some people around again. I ran into Tank, Dogger, Blue, Giant, Phil and Julia, and another couple. It was hot when I finally got to the park, but I ran down to the bottom of the falls. They were amazing. After that, I got my packages at the store and sat in the shade until the sun got a little less intense. Thank you Aunt Linda for the bars and gift card. Thanks mom for the care package too. I don’t know where you found the Country Time lemonade packets, but they are awesome. I ended up hiking about five more miles once the heat died down some and set up camp with Blue.








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  1. it never ceases to amaze me….the
    thoughtful and good hearted people
    that seem to apear from no where and
    rescue/revive your spirit to continue !

  2. Love Burney Falls. Camped there many times as a kid growing up and our family went there two years ago after a trip to Lassen National Park. Bet it felt great at the bottom of the falls. Did you see any sign of the otters at the base of the falls?

  3. Alan & Janel, Hi – Joan from Bridgeport. I found you guys! Hope the fires stay out of your way and you have a safe trip. Enjoying your blog.

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