Today was not supposed to be a zero. Today was supposed to be a 10 mile or so day; however, the infamous town vortex got me. The day started with breakfast at the Kopper Kettle and then I went back to the hotel and went through all of my gear. I had another smaller pack mailed to me and I was in the mood to cut out as much weight from my gear as I could. By the time I was done, I think I got my base weight around 13 pounds. This means that with one liter of water, a full gas canister, and 5 days of food, I should not be over 30 pounds of pack weight for the rest of the trip. After mailing home all of my extra items, I stopped by the dentist. It turns out, the dentist has hiked the PCT from Mt Whitney to Canada. He and the staff like to meet the hikers and they give out a $20 coupon to a local restaurant. So after eating $20 worth of food and hanging out with a bunch of other hikers, I noticed it was 4pm and I felt way too tired to hitch out and try to bust out 10 miles. So, I gave into the vortex and stayed one more night.




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