Ok. Time to make up some miles. After eating breakfast at the Kopper Kettle (go figure), I got a hitch to the trail and was hiking by 9:20. After a few decent climbs, I entered Lassen National Park. Lassen is a volcanic area and is like a little Yellowstone park. I immediately could smell the sulfur and went off trail a quarter mile to check out Terminal Geyser. A couple of miles later I passed Boiling Spring Lake. There is a little resort in Lassen called Drakesbad that serves meals and welcomes PCT hikers, but I resisted the urge to eat and hiked on to get some more miles. I made dinner at 8 at a campsite, but I didn’t really like the looks of it, so I hiked on to find something better. By the time I got to a good campsite at Lower Twin Lake, it was 9:30 and dark and I was exhausted, but I was happy to have managed almost 27 miles for the day.






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