I needed to get some good miles in today to set up for a good day tomorrow. I woke up this morning about 17 miles from the town of Old Station. After Old Station comes the dreaded Hat Creek Rim. The rim is a blazing hot stretch of trail that has no shade or water for 33 miles after Old Station. Most hikers try to time it so that they leave Old Station in the afternoon and hike as far as they can that night. Then, they get up early the next day and try to get off the rim as quickly as possible. After hiking through a burn area on the north side of Lassen NP, I left Lassen and got to Old Station around 4:30. From there, I had some cell service, so I called Janel to say some final words incase I spontaneously combusted tomorrow. I carried out 7 liters and headed out. My new pack did not appreciate the extra 15 pounds of water. That night I cowboy camped with a view of Mt. Shasta as the sun set.






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